What am I renting?

When you make the reservation, you are reserving the pavilion area only. Every other area of the park is public.

When is the Splash Pad at the East Park open?

Hours of the Splash Pad are:
Open: Weekends only in May and in September
Open: Every Day from June – August

Closed: October 1st – April 30th

Can I have a moonwalk?

Yes – Moonwalks are allowed as there are electricity outlets on each of the pavilion columns for your use. We CANNOT accommodate water slides or water blow ups of any kind.

Are there grills available?

There are no grills available at the park for public use. You can however bring your own SMALL grill as long as it is kept close to or under the pavilion as to not disturb other guests of the park.

Can I bring extra tables or chairs or a tent if I do not have a reservation?

If you have the pavilion reserved, you can bring tables and chairs that you can fit in or around the area.

If you do not have a reservation, the park is public and open for your use. It is first come, first serve only. We ask that you set up smaller parties in areas away from the pavilion in the open fields only.

Does the pavilion provide electricity?

Yes, there are outlets on each one of the columns (East – 4, West – 6)

Can I have a DJ/Music?

Yes you can as long as you remain within the guidelines of the Rules and Regulations.

Can I have a piñata or decorate?

You can decorate in any way you would like and that is possible with the structures as they are. Any damages or areas not cleaned up will result in the loss of your deposit.

What can I do if someone is at the pavilion at the time of my reservation?

We have park reps working on the weekends. If you cannot locate one of our crew members, you can locate a constable who will be on duty at either park. If you cannot locate anyone in person, you may contact the Chief in charge of the parks. That number will be provided to you upon booking your reservation if it is requested.